Amazing Cleaner Grit Hand Cleaner


he “Amazing” Hand Cleaner works with or without added water. This floral scented soap dissolves grease, oil dirt, and manure on contact, leaving your hands free of any foul odors. Using no harmful chemicals or abrasives, this hand lotion and soap has a pH balance that prevents the skin of hardworking hands from drying and cracking. Apply before working indoors or outdoors, and it will provide the protection of a silicone glove. Put it in your favorite soap dispenser, add a little water to dilute it to make it a great hand soap for everyday washing. It does all this while still being safe for children, and soft enough for the lady of the house and her delicate hands. There is no abrasive grit, and 1 gallon is good for about 1,500 hand washings. The difference between our original smooth lotion style and our pumice alternative is in that the pumice gives a powerful gritty abrasive that will help clean hands doing heavy-duty cleaning. With or without added water, this “Amazing” solution will get out tough grease, oil, etc., with ease! When you are doing a job that requires multiple times to wash your hands, you want literally every second you can save; make it easy on yourself with a gallon of this in the shop or field. Find out why folks like livestock producers prefer this over other brands, and order a gallon today!

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