I'm Mark Cameron, Vice President of Geneva Products.
When I was 14 years old, my family moved from the city to a farm in northern Wisconsin. It was a lot of hard work and in-depth learning, but I have appreciated the agricultural industry ever since. In 1985, I began selling for Geneva Products, travelling the country to help your homes and businesses keep stocked with the highest quality cleaning supplies.
We have been serving our 6,000+ customers nationwide for over thirty years – providing them with our Amazing concentrated biodegradable products and cleaning applications for American homes and businesses such as farms, ranches, auto-shops and restaurants. If Amazing can't clean it, it must not be dirty!

I would like to highlight our new partnership with Quest Specialty Products and our new online catalog showcasing our new products. Janitorial - Industrial - Foodservice - Automotive.

(Please choose your products and call us for special pricing).

12oz at 19.95 shipping included
12ct case 174.00 plus 9.00 shipping

LOOSE SCREW is a non-flammable, 4-in-1 formula that penetrates, lubricates, displaces moisture and resists corrosion.Displaces water and moisture from electrical equipment such as contact points and automotive distributors, machinery parts, guns and equipment. Fortified with PTFE. Contains no ozone depleters.

12oz at 19.95 shipping included
12ct case 174.00 plus 9.00 shipping

NUCHAIN is a product specially designed to provide maximum lubrication on all types of wire ropes and chains. Penetrates into strands of wire to provide the ultimate in lubrication. Will not build up to attract dust or dirt.

12oz at 19.95 shipping included
12ct case 174.00 plus 9.00 shipping

DEFENSE is a product that coats metal parts to provide indefinite indoor protection and long lasting outdoor protection against rust and corrosion. Dries to a transparent amber color that can easily be seen through. Sets up to a hard flexible coating in 2 hours that can be welded or painted. Remove using kerosene or mineral spirits.

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In response to Humane Coronavirus Covid -19

San-Q* No Rinse Sanitizer Disinfectant-Virucide* Cleaner Mildewstat

This product is much better than using bleach and ammonia water, has no smell and at 2oz per gallon it will make 64 gallons, thus making the cost around 1.56 a gallon. As compared to a ready to use product like 409 at 14.50 a gallon. San-Q is a liquid concentrate the dilute 2oz or ¼ cup per gallon water spray on wipe off. Virucidal * Performance San-Q Kills Covid -19 bacteria in as little as ten minutes.

  • San-Q is safe for food contact surfaces, non-scented, color fast, just spray and wipe.
  • San-Q can be used with the Amazing Cleaner for a deeper penetration on porous surfaces.
  • San-Q is must for all your hand held devices, cell phones, tablets, keyboard, door handles etc.

For more information, please call us at 800-798-1488 / Mobile 319-310-3899

Amazing Wash and Wax Concentrate

Happy first week of March, folks! Spring has got to be around the corner soon. As soon as the sludge of winter is behind us, it's the best time to get our home and work vehicles cleaned up and polished. That's why we are releasing our Wash & Wax concentrate gallons today on our new Facebook shop. These go quick, so snatch them up as soon as you see them in stock! You can always call us on the phone, too if you'd like to speak to an operator. (1-800-798-1488)


High quality and
reasonable prices

Jeannette J Walker | February 9, 2019


Amazing Lotion Hand Cleaner

The "Amazing" Hand Cleaner works with or without added water. This floral scented soap dissolves grease, oil dirt, and manure on contact, leaving your hands free of any foul odors. Using no harmful chemicals or abrasives, this hand lotion and soap has a pH balance that prevents the skin of hardworking hands from drying and cracking.

Amazing Pink Lotion Dish Detergent

This all-purpose, heavy-duty detergent is designed to make dish washing as easy as pie! It's economical to use by being highly concentrated, and it has grease cutting action to save you time.

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