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"The products are perfect. They are safe for my family and good for the environment!"

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Amazing Carpet Cleaner

Amazing Laundry Detergent

Amazing Cleaner Concentrate Cleaner

Amazing Hand Cleaner

Amazing Cleaner Multipurpose Wax

Amazing Cleaner Dishwashing Detergent

Bio Conqueror 105



Our Company, AmazingCleaner.com, was established in 1983 and have been responsible for providing outstanding cleaning products ever since and we provide the Geneva Amazing Cleaner products.

One of the major investments in a home is your carpet. Our Amazing Carpet Cleaner will keep your carpet looking brand new. Why replace your carpet, minimize cost with our Carpet Cleaner product. Our Amazing Carpet Cleaner is biodegradable and will keep your home free of harmful health hazards, such as dust mites andl bacteria.

Our wide variety of Amazing Cleaner products will ease your every chore. The Amazing laundry detergent is just as environmentally safe as all of the Amazing cleaning products, but it is a highly concentrated laundry detergent granular powder works with standard machines or the new front-loader machines.  Its stain removal properties are outstanding!  One 20-pound container of our laundry detergent will wash 250 loads in a standard machine and twice that many in a front-loader machine. Enjoy the color-fast brightener and built-in fabric softener with a faint scent of lemon. Our laundry detergent leaves no scum or residue to dull fabrics.

Amazing Cleaner Concentrate Cleaner is colorless, odorless, bio-degradable, and nontoxic.  It's a concentrate cleaner that is mixed with water and used for a variety of cleaning applications. A wonderful window cleaner.  Amazing concentrate cleaner can be used on any surface that is water safe.On the farm Amazing concentrate cleaner can be used not only as an all purpose cleaner, but also as a dust inhibitor and janitorial cleaner degreaser.  It works as a powerful ally to extend machinery life when used with a power pressure washer soap. Amazing power pressure washer soap is a external pipeline and bulk tank cleaner and will clean the external pipelines for the dairy barn pipeline as well as the crates and floors in hog confinement operations.  It's a power pressure washer soap and external pipeline and bulk tank cleaner, yet Amazing organic cleaner is safe for using in the house as a window cleaner or other variety of uses.  No need to buy a separate organic cleaner for the house and then a external pipeline and bulk tank cleaner for the farm. Our Amazing organic cleaner can do it all. Use as a janitorial cleaner degreaser for the floor, use as a janitorial cleaner for countertops, or as a window cleaner.

The Amazing Hand Cleaner works with or without water. The Amazing hand cleaner dissolves grease, oil dirt, and manure on contact and leaves your hands free of odors.  This hand cleaner has a pH balance that prevents drying and cracking of the skin of hardworking hands. Apply the Amazing hand cleaner before working, and it will provide a silicone glove protection. It does all this while still being safe for children and soft enough for the lady of the house and her delicate hands. There is no abrasive grit, and 1 gallon is good for 1,500 hand washes.

The Amazing Cleaner Multipurpose Wax is great for vehicles, floors, woodwork, and funiture.  It locks water out of almost any surface and sheathes rain off windows. It is the perfect mildew prevention for shower stalls and bathtubs. Drop one ounce of Amazing multipurpose wax into a gallon of water, wash onto the surface you want waxed, and rinse it off.  It will wash, then leave a water-resistant wax sheen when it dries. Wash and wax in one step, and it will last an entire month.

Our chlorinated Amazing Cleaner Dishwashing Detergent is specifically designed for automatic dishwashers and is ideal for hard water areas. Our Amazing dishwashing detergent rinses freely and eliminates water sports or streaks.  The dishwashing detergent stain removal properties are outstanding!

Our BIO CONQUEROR 105 Odor control Biodegradable Nontoxic Enzymatic Concentrate that cleans and eliminates odors regarding fecal matter urine from pets with use in bathroom drains, carpets and floors. Wate-soluble concentrated formula contains high levels of fragrance surfactant for 24 hour odor control, Billions of select sporeform enzyme completely eliminate odor at thier source by digesting odor causing molecules. Can be used in trigger sprayers, mop water, carpet extractors and drains.

You can reach us at 1-800-798-1488. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: genevaproducts@amazingcleaner.com.

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